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OAT Delivery

                                 OAT Delivery redefines the vegan dining experience with a fast                               and convenient food delivery app. Targeting a diverse audience,                             including busy professionals, travellers, and vegan enthusiasts, the                        app addresses the challenges of limited vegan options. By curating user-                friendly platform, offering customisation, and fostering a sense of                            community, OAT Delivery aims to seamlessly connect users with diverse,                  sustainable, and delicious plant-based meals. In my role as a designer, I lead the     digital wireframing, prototyping, and iterative design process to create an intuitive and visually appealing solution.

iPhone 15 Pro Right from Belxow Mockup.png

Role: Design brainstorm, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, and iteration on designs. 

Timeline: 01.2023-02.2023

A new opportunity for food apps

With the increase of vegan food options, more and more people decide to at least experiment with a plant-based diet, so, not only changes like this can be overwhelming, searching for vegan alternatives can be a daunting task at times. Creating an app that only features every restaurant’s veggie alternatives and every vegan restaurant could be a very practical, and fast delivery option. 

How does it work?

Each restaurant that wants to collaborate with the app must send the vegan options in their menu to an e-mail addressing the app team. After the products are approved by somebody in the staff, they can start featuring their meals.

The problem & the goal

The problem:

The time spent scrolling and carefully read the ingredients in the menu (some restaurants have a hard time distinguishing between vegan and vegetarian dishes) and also all of the miscommunication errors which lead to frustrations, wasted money and inconvenience for vegan diners. 

The Goal:

Create an app for efficient vegan food discovery, eliminating browsing challenges. OAT Delivery aims to simplify the vegan dining experience, offering a seamless platform for users to effortlessly customise and enjoy diverse plant-based meals.

iPhone 15 Pro Blaxck Titanium Mockup Portrait.png

Target audience 

OAT Delivery caters to a diverse user base, appealing to busy professionals seeking convenient vegan options, travellers in search of plant-based choices on the go, and individuals exploring the vibrant world of vegan cuisine. The app's broad appeal embraces a spectrum of lifestyles, making it an inclusive platform for anyone keen on enjoying delicious and sustainable plant-based meals.


Geographic coverage:

Launch initially in regions with a significant vegan community, gradually expanding to meet demand and accommodate diverse dietary preferences.

Restaurant collaborations:

Form partnerships with local and renowned chains, ensuring a wide array of vegan options. Verify and showcase each restaurant's vegan menu items for accuracy and reliability. 

Meal categories:

Offer an extensive range of vegan meal categories, spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and diverse cuisines such as Asian, fast food, soups, and more.


Empower users to personalise their experience, including the option to favourite restaurants, enhancing the app's user-centric approach.


  • Promotes Vegan Lifestyle:

    • Makes plant-based food accessible, reducing barriers for those adopting or considering a vegan diet.

  • Business Opportunities:

    • Creates new avenues for partnering restaurants, expanding their customer base, and increasing visibility within the vegan community.

  • Fosters Community:

    • Cultivates a sense of community among users through features for sharing reviews, recommendations, and engaging in discussions about vegan food choices.

  • Global Expansion:

    • Designs the app with scalability in mind, facilitating seamless expansions into new regions and positioning OAT Delivery as a global leader in plant-based food delivery.​

iPhone 15 Pro Portrait xRight Mockup.png


The Vegan Food Delivery App is designed to provide a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for individuals seeking vegan meals. To ensure that the app offers an exceptional user experience (UX), extensive UX research was conducted to understand user behavior, preferences, and pain points.

Research Methodology:

The UX research involved a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, including in-depth interviews, usability testing, and analysis of user feedback within the app. Participants included a diverse range of users, including vegans, plant-based eaters, and those exploring vegan options.

User Pain Points:

    • Complicated Navigation:

    • Users find it challenging to navigate, leading to frustration and potential order abandonment.

    • Dietary Information Issue:

    • Users struggle to find detailed dietary information, including ingredients and nutritional content.

    • Limited Geographic Coverage:

    • Users in certain regions face disappointment due to limited app coverage, restricting access to vegan options.

User Personas

Image by Motoki Tonn

Mindy - The Busy Professional


Mindy is a 32-year-old marketing executive with a demanding job in the city.


Needs and Goals:


    • Quick and convenient vegan meal options delivered to her office or home.

    • Prefers healthy and balanced vegan meals that suit her busy lifestyle.

    • Values time efficiency and appreciates a seamless ordering process.


Mindy is a busy professional who relies on the OAT Delivery app for convenient and quick vegan meal options. Her primary goal is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet despite her demanding job. She appreciates the app's simplicity and the ability to order nutritious meals with just a few taps.

Chris - The Vegan Explorer


Chris, 28, is a freelance photographer who loves traveling and exploring new places


Needs and Goals:


    • Seeks a reliable app to find vegan options globally.

    • Appreciates localized recommendations and reviews.

    • Values a diverse menu to explore different cuisines during travels.


Chris, the vegan explorer, uses the app to discover vegan options wherever their travels take them. They value the app's global scale, localized recommendations, and the ability to explore diverse vegan cuisines. Chris is motivated by adventure and relies on the app for a reliable source of vegan options on the go.

Image by Leilani Angel

Strategy & Design

In crafting the design of the OAT Delivery app, several key decisions were made to align with its goals and cater to the target audience, ensuring both practical functionality and a positive emotional experience.


  • The color palette, shapes, and icons convey a natural and sustainable aesthetic, aligning with the vegan and eco-friendly theme.

  • Intuitive navigation and visual hierarchy enhance user experience, addressing the challenge of complicated navigation identified in user research.

  • Appetizing imagery contributes to a positive emotional experience, fostering a connection between users and the diverse vegan meal options.

  • Clean and readable typography supports the app's goal of providing comprehensive information, including nutritional details and educational content.​​


Moodboard (Sources: Unsplash, Pinterest)

The goal is to make the user experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, with a focus on convenience, accessibility, and personalization.

User journey (Sources: Unsplash, Pinterest)

OAT user flow.png

Wireframes & Mockups






Dish detail


Track order


The goal was to create a simple and predicable order process, that allows you to order what you need in a faster, more efficient way. I choose a clean and simple layout, with basic design principles and an intuitive flow.





Restaurant page and menu.png

Dish detail


Restaurant review

Restaurant Reviews.png

Going further into the design, I played with hues of green to match the plant-based aesthetic, and I opted for the horizontal menu swipe, so I can save some space. There are some glass morphism shapes sprinkled here and there, so I could add a little bit of modernism and I also kept it simple by trying to make some elements such as the circle/ wavy kind of shapes the main motif of this design, and you can see it in the buttons, some images, and the wavy green shape. I focused on the contrasts as well, since this is a phone app and the screen can vary in sizes



Track order

Tracking order-1.png



Order history


The result was a lovely balance between contemporary design aesthethics, the traditional elements and order flow

Design Systems

Small components.png

The design system for OAT Delivery is anchored in a harmonious blend of elements that collectively contribute to a cohesive and visually appealing user interface. A consistent color palette of various green tones fosters an eco-friendly and fresh atmosphere, mirroring the essence of plant-based living. Organic shapes and leaf icons serve as distinctive visual cues, reinforcing the app's commitment to nature and sustainability. The layout structure prioritizes intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless and efficient browsing experience. High-quality, appetizing imagery takes center stage, captivating users and showcasing the diverse vegan offerings. Clean and readable fonts contribute to clarity, facilitating easy comprehension of dish details and nutritional information. Together, these key elements form a cohesive design system that not only enhances usability but also resonates with the app's overarching goal of revolutionizing the vegan dining experience.

iPhone 15 Pro Right from Below Mockup.png

What's next?

Looking ahead, OAT Delivery envisions several key enhancements to elevate user experience. One potential feature involves personalized recommendations based on user preferences and location, ensuring a tailored selection of vegan options. Exploring partnerships with local vendors to introduce exclusive dishes and collaborating with nutritionists to provide detailed health information are also on the horizon. Additionally, incorporating a travel-centric feature

that highlights the best-rated vegan options in various cities aims to make OAT Delivery an indispensable tool for global travelers. Continuous refinement of the app's user interface

and responsive design for varied screen sizes is a priority, ensuring accessibility and a

seamless experience for users worldwide.

Thank you for your time reviewing the OAT Delivery app! If you would like to see more or get in touch, my contact information is provided below. 

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