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Aura is a relaxing and unwinding experience created for modern people who like to deep their toes in the esoteric realm, in hope to offer more healing, more positive experiences to the collective

Project duration: 05.22 - 07.22

My role:

Design brainstorm, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iteration on designs. 

The challenge:

Create an app that helps people unwind and grow, with tools ranging from Meditation to EFT tapping and journal prompts.


There is a lack of ETF meditation features on wellness apps, and my mission is to integrate as much tools as I can withouth overwhelming the user.

  • User research 

AURA's target audience is quite diverse: amongst them are medics, yoga teachers and practitioners, teachers, parents, teenagers and more. The app's mission was to cater to each of these groups's needs and offer a simple and intuitive flow to everybody. I experienced plenty of wellness apps, took plenty of notes with my ideas, and I came up with the top 5 of this app's must haves:

1. EFT Tapping videos

2. Binnaural beats

3. Soundbathing music

4. A book club 

5. Plenty of journaling prompts.


After the research was done, I started researching and brainstorming the visuals, so I started browsing Pinterest, Dribbble, Beheance and I downloaded lots of wellness apps to observe them. I created a moodboard to help me visualise the aesthetics better, and I got to sketch on Figma what this app should look like, thus the wireframes were created. Since I wanted this app to be as accessible o anyone as possible I started designing and putting the focus on the mobile app first and then scaling it to the audience that might own an iPad, or tablet.

Moodboard. Source: Pinterest, Dribbble


1. ETF video player

2. Meditation audio player

3. Journaling prompts

4. Book club

My goal was to create an app that has all the information in one place, that is easy to navigate and to be fun to use. I also wanted to use a modern-day aesthetic combined with the powerful minimalist movement to make sure I get a brand identity that is clean, fresh, simple, and modern at the same time. I opted more for a swiping-centered design so that visitors can browse through the content or go straight to what they’re looking for. I also kept it simple by making the circle the main motif of this design, and you can see it in the buttons and also as the yellow sunny-like aura, and the "mountain" motif here that was reduced to a simple curvy line. I choose yellow as a primary colour because of its joyful nature, however it took a while until I found the perfect shade of yellow so that my customers can look at it without getting a headache. I focused on very thin and simple lines, to add to the minimalist theme that is going on here



1. ETF video player

home page 2.png

5. Home page 2.


2. Meditation audio player

my profile.png

6. My profile


3. Journaling prompts

choose plan.png

7. Choose your payment plan


4. Book club

sign up PAGE.png

8. Sign up



1. ETF video player

Hom page.png

4. Home page


2. Meditation audio player

Book club.png

5. Book club


3. Journaling prompts

sign up.png

8. Sign up

Thank you for your time reviewing my AURA app! If you would like to see more or get in touch, my contact information is provided below. 



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