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AWARE Skincare is a 100% vegan, cruelty free and sustainable brand whose mission is to contribute to the mental health journey of millions of people across the globe. Their mission is to build a community of skin-care enthusiasts that together can contribute to this world, supporting all kinds of mental health oriented organisations.


The goal is to build a website that fully captures Aware skincare’s mission, vision and brand personality while having a very straight-forward experience for the user, order flow and navigation.


Design brainstorm, digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, and iteration on designs.

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I began by simply research lots of skincare and makeup websites, mainly for their design and features but also to see how is the experience of shopping and browsing are. Mainly all the experiences went smoothly without any problems, and I started asking around about what people would like to see on a skincare website that also supports mental health organisations, what can you as a user get from there by simply navigating it, if there was any frustration on other skincare websites they visited.

Next, after a brainstorm session I started researching different designs on dribble, pinterest, and many other places.I created a moodboard from Pinterest as well to help me envision the website more clearly. 


1. People expressed the need to see more content that helped them with their mental health, because many got sick of the pop-psychology phenomenon going around and they wanted something more grounding, and many suggested a blog feature with higher quality articles.

2. People appreciate transparency the most when buying from a company. They expressed a need to be fully informed about the ingredient list, how earth conscious the packaging is, and every other aspect of the company.

The creative aspect
Moodboard (source: Pinterest and unsplash)

I've solidified AWARE'S brand strategy and developed a brand personality based on their values: mental health awareness, authenticity and transparency. 

I tested different elements and created mockups to see what was working and what needed work, and I used our target audience as a main compass to direct the design process:

The company's target audience consists in the generation between 16-40+ year old people, who developed an interest In mental health and self-awareness, community seekers, revolutionary human beings, dreamers, idealists, chain-breakers, skincare enthusiasts, rebels and outcasts.

The challenge was to create a website that combined efficiency, simplicity, minimalism, and the right fonts, images, to create the perfect brand identity than can be fitted for all digital devices, and creating an easy intuitive ordering flow of the products. 

The results:
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1. HOME page. 
My choice of design was inspired by the brutalist style, which is a special breed of web design, working well for quirky, creative brands and individuals. It’s characterized by its raw appearance and extremely simplistic and minimalist approach. After some research, I also found that it relies more on HTML instead of CSS and JavaScript for the front end developers. I've infused brutalism and contemporary design together, making the site containing a predictable structure, while also using lots of visuals. My goal was to evoke feelings of tranquillity, peace and calm, and creating a modern-spa like atmosphere
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2. The product preview page, with an entire column dedicated to the formula and ingredient list, and the standard customer review space.
3. Your account
4. Browse our bestsellers
5. Checkout
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6. Login

Thank you for your time reviewing my work on the AWARE Skincare's journey! If you would like to get in touch, my contact information is provided below.



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